Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Karen Doak. I’m in my early 30s, recently married, a stepmother of three, a dog parent to two toy poodles, a digital PR executive and formerly went by Karen Untereker (or @unterekless).

This blog is meant to be a space for commentary on etiquette, efficiency, effectiveness and media but given that I’m prone to tangents will likely include thoughts on food, reality television and things that make me concerned for the future of the human race.

I live in Michigan — about which I have ambivalent feelings — and work in the automotive industry. Any posts on clients or related work will include disclosure and all opinions represented here are my own.

I’m irrationally afraid of winged insects and jelly fish, hate sushi and overuse ellipses.¬†Also, I have been diagnosed with the “common faints…” so it’s still possible I’m a Victorian woman. Vote¬†Garfield-Arthur 1880!