I totally want to join them for coffee. (Source: Hello Giggles)

I consume an insane amount of media — here are some of my favorite recent picks:

  • Gilmore Girls & Gilmore Guys: I’ve been in search of a TV show to mindlessly binge watch that Jeff WON’T want to watch too. While I’d like to revisit Friday Night Lights, I’m still hoping that Jeff will actually agree to watch that with me so I landed on Gilmore Girls. And THEN I discovered the Gilmore Guys podcast (which, incidentally, I discovered before the New York Times but after the Atlantic). I would be in support of any podcast that ends in a Carole King singalong but have really been enjoying revisiting a nostalgic TV show with amusing episode by episode comedic commentary — that’s my favorite way to watch TV this decade so it makes sense that it would work well for a past favorite too.. And did I mention every episode ends with a singalong? [Gilmore Girls is currently streaming on Netflix while Gilmore Guys is available on iTunes with the link above].
  • Undefeated: I recently watched this 2011 Best Documentary Academy Award Winner and it was better than I ever thought possible. It follows a North Memphis football team with a coach who gives up time with his family to bring together and improve the lives of these young men — many of whom don’t have fathers themselves. It’s like a less attractive Coach Taylor volunteering an insane amount of his own time and resources to totally change the lives of young men in a poverty stricken area. Jeff doesn’t want me to tell you that he cried more than I did but… that happened. [Undefeated is currently streaming on Netflix and you need to watch it immediately].
  • All Involved: I could barely put down this book about gang life during the LA riots. I ended up hearing the author, Ryan Gattis, on a Grantland podcast with Andy Greenwald and was really intrigued by his approach — to tell the full story in the first person through 17 different narrators. In addition, Ryan spent a fair amount of time on a graffiti crew in some of the affected neighborhoods and while the novel is fiction, many of the stories are based on people he met. I am often annoyed by narrative approaches like this but he truly wove all the stories together masterfully. A number of people have drawn comparisons to it being like a book form of “The Wire” which is a pretty fair presentation — although the whole thing is lacking the perspective of the police… not that you miss that by the end.